We don’t know much about singer Kalin White, but we’d like to.

Chapter 21 is another album that falls into that guilty pleasure lane though, unlike another artist we could mention, it is somewhat hampered by the similarity of production that dominates the tracks, making it easy to tune out.  White’s vocals are actually pretty soothing and an interesting fit for some of the subject matter of the tracks as his more sexual lyrics don’t come off as they might with a more brash tone.

His lyrics are very what-you-hear-is-what-you-get and are really the thing that drags the album down because there is nothing here to bring you back longterm; there is no new way of phrasing things or unique spin on subject.  While it might make a solid freak-down album given the atmosphere sets, it does pigeonhole itself.

It’s still worth a few listens, though and, given that he’s a new artist, there is a lot of potential here to grow.

Our favorite tracks are Twisted and Wake Em UpThere’s nothing eminently skippable in comparison to anything else on the album, but the general coast of it may lead to you dropping out before track six.

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