Runner up from the final season of American Idol, La Porsha Renae, releases her first official single and she is letting out the frustration in the sweetest sounding way!

Good Woman is a track that talks about that moment in a relationship when a person realizes that they could do better on their own than they do with the person they’re with.  While the tracks overall theme is pretty run of the mill, the lyrics and vocals are what make you come back again and again.  Renae’s soulful delivery over the old-school blue production is pure magic.  The lyrics describe real events; things that people can relate to and not just a string of platitudes that sound like they should fit.  Even something as small as getting his kids ready for school with no help or thanks is one of those things that women (and some men) can immediately jump to as an emotional touchstone and find their own truth in the song.

A good opening salvo from a singer who got her start on a show that has been known to waste promotion.  Definitely worth a listen or three.