Sevyn Streeter is not about to let you forget about her.  Just a little over a week after releasing My Love For You she’s coming with what feels like a continuation of that track.

Declaring that she doesn’t care how she get him as long as they’re together, the singer does a good job of bringing strength and confidence to her delivery.  This is an essential element for this track because, if she sounded a little weak or too submissive, it would come across as either insincere or desperation.  She strikes the balance that she was missing on Prolly, sweet with just a little edge.

The production is oddly minimalist and somewhat repetitive, but that really allows Streeter’s vocals to shine.  There are nice additional elements under the surface, though.  Something that sounds a little like ringtone quietly sparkles in the background of the bridges and the almost acappella mood between the intro and the first chorus is very nice.

Lyrically, the song isn’t that different from My Love For You, which is why it feels more like a part two than an entirely different song.  If this means that we might be getting something of a progressing story for the complete project, we’re looking forward to it.

This song really isn’t featuring The-Dream as he only provides some of the background vocals, the opening high note, and puts his audio watermark on the track towards the end.

This is the third (possibly fourth) single from Streeter’s upcoming album, Girl Disrupted.