Sevyn Streeter is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to songs.  She’s an excellent writer but, with vocals that trend towards the more gentle end of the scale, she can’t always back up the bravado.  That seems to be the biggest problem with Prolly, a song that needs far more attitude from its singer than she can seems to muster.

It starts off alright, with her delivery coming off like the Warriors call and the first chorus adds a nonchalant feel to the song, but it’s pretty much that from there on out.  She maintains the same level of energy from beginning to end and, when the song begins to ramp up, it doesn’t seem like she’s coming along with it.  Not that the production builds a lot from the initial drop; it gets a little repetitious towards the end.  It just seems like the energy both Streeter and beat are maintaining are on different levels.

On a brighter note, though, Gucci Mane’s verse is pretty solid.  It also comes of a little slow for what feels like should be a faster flow, but it fits the track fine.

The visual is pretty tame.  It has some nice looks, fashion-wise, but there’s nothing there that merits a second watch.  No choreography, no storyline, nothing.

This is the new single from Streeter’s upcoming album, Girl Interrupted, due out sometime in early 2017.