We may not have been feeling her last single, but Sevyn Steeter’s latest is a winner!

Using a well-screwed sample of Whitney Houston’s Saving All My Love For You, Streeter sings about a man who gives her love and respect and she intends to return the love in kind.  One of the things that we really like about this song is that it’s not framed a shallow way.  She doesn’t go on and on about his material possessions or how powerful he is in comparison to other men; she speaks on the things that he does for her and the security she feels being open with him about her feelings.  The examples that she uses are accessible and could apply to a lot of men (which is the point of a love song marketed to a large audience), but not so broad that they end up meaning nothing.

Streeter’s vocals are a better fit for this track than they were for Prolly.  Here she sounds sexy and confident and brings an emotive quality to the track that we didn’t get from the previous single.  The way that she combines modern singing techniques with more traditional ones works for the song well as it gives the feeling of a modern love song but with a more timeless quality, similar to the relationship she describes.

This is the latest single from the singer’s upcoming album, Girl Disrupted.  There is still no firm date for the album’s release.