It feels like it’s been forever since Scottish singer Emeli Sandé graced our ears with her out of nowhere with her debut album, Our Version Of Events.  Since then, the singer has gotten married, gotten divorced, and apparently channeled her pain and disappointment into bombastic and gut-wrenching anthem for those who want to express their pain.

Hurts is a little off the beaten path for those who are more familiar with her previous work.  This is a lot rougher in the production style than almost any other song she’s ever done, with it’s hard Scottish rhythms and orchestra/rock melodies.  If may take a second to realize the beat is somewhat reversed, with the rhythms being louder than the melody for the majority of the song, but it gives it an edge that goes to theme.  Sandé’s voice, while strong, does get drowned out on occasion but she does manage to keep her head above water most of the time.

The lyrics of the track are pretty straightforward as she essentially yells at a former lover about the pain she feels over their breakup.  She seems to be asking him not to test her resolve at maintaining her pride as she really is hurt and angry at the way things have turned out.  Considering that her own marriage barely lasted a year after nearly a decade of dating, this feels very autobiographical.  It’s not the best song she’s done, but it is the start of a new chapter for her and we’re interested to see where she goes from here.

Sandé’s second album, Long Live The Angels, comes out November 11.