JoJo is just a week away from dropping her brand new album, but she has one more single to share with us all.

Telling the story of the ups and downs of her life, the young singer frames the savoir of her soul as music.  It’s an edifying story that so many people understand; that one thing that gives you the strength to make it through the day, no matter how tough it is.  The gentle piano ballad really allows the singer to show off her pipes in a way that is subdued but full of emotion.  She doesn’t get bogged down in adlibs, but she can bring you to tears with the sincerity of her tone.  And, at the end, when she really lets go, it feels like a catharsis for the listener as well.  It will also bring many fans to understand the singer a little better as they get know the real struggles that she’s had beyond her label issues.

Mad Love comes out October 14.