I’m sick of them painting the streets with them brown and reds…

As the epidemic of police shootings continue, Trevor Jackson makes his contribution to the music that reflects the time.

Colors On The Ground is a ballad that well encapsulates the feeling of sadness and rage so many in the community feel whenever they see the inequitable treatment of black bodies.  Starting off with the infamous vent by Officer Nakia Jones about her own feelings as both a cop and woman of color, he then goes on to describe events that have a grain of truth to them (we believe they are both fictional and just extrapolate from real events to make the song hit home) before expressing his own ball of emotion on the final bridge.  He does make a distinction between good and bad cops and he states that he will keep marching until the cowardly ones/they put down the badge.  It is a beautifully prescient song that speaks to a generations struggles in civil rights in a concise and relatable way but also has the benefit of being well sung by the artist performing it.