Umm…what are you implying, boys?

GOT7 has returned with their thematic continuation of their last EP and the chosen single is pretty hot.

While not really anything out of the ordinary when it comes to GOT7, the vocals, raps and production are enough to push this track out of mediocre territory as the group crows about the success they’ve had and how they are now a force to be reckoned with on stage.  The totality of the track comes off as full of bravado and confidence as much of the lyrical content.  While it’s not treading any new ground aurally, it’s still fun and full of energy.

The knock against this track is the lyrics.  While not awful, there are a lot of sections that don’t really seem to join together and lines that seem to just hang in need of a punchline.  While some of that is due to cultural separation (I have a feeling more of this work in Korea), the English lines are not always in congruity with the Korean lines around them and the title itself seems to be more for effect than a read into the meaning behind the song.  It doesn’t make the song awful, but it does make it something that’s a little harder to listen to.

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