Boy meets…evil?!  Shit.

I don’t know if you can really call this a comeback because they haven’t been inactive at all in the last nearly two years, but BTS have let it be known through a series of incomprehensible short films (which we will likely NOT post here due to the fact that our commentary would likely be just “WTF?!” for half a page) and, now, an awesome dance trailer that The Most Beautiful Moment In Life era is over.

Over an amazing piece of production that fuses blues, synth rhythms, and hip-hop into an unlikely happy marriage, next-to-drop-a-mixtape J-Hope gets his shine by rapping about a woman that has tempted him off the path of his dreams and hopes with her sweet and dangerously seductive ways…or maybe it’s about taking the wrong road into the future by being tempted by ambition to do the wrongs things to succeed.  Either way, the poet lyrics and solid performances by both the vocalist and rappers makes for an epic track that shows some strong growth for a group that doesn’t seem to have had any downtime.

Wings is coming out October 10 in South Korea, which means (depending on the time they release it) we’ll probably get in October 9.

Sidenote: Based on the last two albums, the featured track here will likely be the intro to the new project.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.