What is it about Jay Park that makes so much of his (and the whole of AOMG’s) music so extremely listenable?  He tends to tread a lot of the same ground in his lyrics whenever he puts something out, but we are still ready to bop and groove along while it stays on repeat on our respective music players.  His latest is no different.

The overall sound of the track is a little Chris Brown, but Park makes it work for him.  Lyrically, this track is nothing special; with the singer describing how he wants to get you wet and dive face first into your ocean.  The vocals are a good fit for the track.  Nothing extraordinary but anything more would have been too much for the laidback feel the song wants to convey.  Cha Cha Malone does an excellent job with the production, making it a groove that is utterly danceable but still something you can cool to and and enjoy at the beginning of a romantic evening.  Aquaman falls right into the same category as tracks like Sex Trip and 2nd Thots; it shouldn’t be as engaging as it is but it falls effortlessly into guilty pleasure territory.

This is the fourth English-language track the Seattle native has dropped in the course of a year.  Here’s hoping that he gives us a full English-language mixtape or album in the near future.