Maurice Moore continues to grind towards the release of an official pay album (he’s had a few stream-only and freelease projects before).  His latest track continues his string of (mostly) radio-friendly bops that still have his own distinct style about them.

The star of the show on this one is the production.  For something that is relatively simple in its implementation, Instupendo and Auracle managed to make something that makes the listener perk up their ears and yet still allows Moore to lay down some solid vocals that fill out the sound.  Not that we are taking anything away from Moore; his tone and delivery are perfect for the nonchalant, no-fucks theme of the track.  His adlibs, especially in the beat switch section towards the end, are a highlight and the subtle harmonies ride the wave of the production effortlessly.

About those times when haters feel like they have get a big say in the direction that your life and your career go in, the singer basically lets it be known that, while he appreciates the support (and if you say you dislike someone and you spend all your time lurking around their social media and listening to their music, you’re still a fan), he is working towards his own goals and to ultimately please himself.  There also seems to be a slight message towards overly involved fans in there too; you know, the ones who want to put an artist in a box because they only want them to do one thing.  He’s in it for his artistic expression and what he wants to put out.  You are free to enjoy it or not.