Tink is back with the new installment of her Winter’s Diary series.

The first thing that we like about this is the improved vocals.  Tink’s last project was full of autotuned performances that didn’t always work with the tracks.  This time, while there is definitely autotune used, it’s not as obvious and she takes advantage of her natural tone a lot more.  It allows the listener to make a better connection with the material and stay engaged.  While Tink’s vocals aren’t the most dynamic, she uses what she has effectively and throws in the bars to amp things up a little when you might start to drift.

The cohesion of the album is also a lot better this time around.  Part of the reason is that the production doesn’t jump around as much as in other installments, which can lead to a little monotony in the first half but is saved after track seven.  The sequencing is the other reason for the more cohesive sound as faster tracks are not stuck in the middle of a sequence of slower ones and they all have enough aural similarities to make them connect without being boring.  The interest thing is that the faster tracks are on the latter half of the album instead of being in the first half, giving a different overall feel.

Lyrically, this set is probably Tink’s weakest as what she’s talking about is pretty run of the mill and she doesn’t come up with any really interesting way to express herself.  That oversight can make some of the songs forgettable in the long run and does a real disservice to the other aspects that have improved.  We hope that she comes with something a little stronger next time around because, we think, this is major reason that many of her music hasn’t had any traction.

Another thing that is better is the timing.  Winter’s Diary 3 came out at the beginning of the summer and the proliferation of slow jams throughout made it a bad fit for the season.  Coming out at the end of August means that she meets the fall transition and might attract a lot more attention this time around.

Our favorite track is Stay On It due to the fact that this is the best display of Tink’s flow in a while.  Honorable mentions go to Your Side, Nothing Else Matters 2, and Modern Wave.

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