Meant for the soundtrack for the upcoming Netflix series The Get Down, Miguel’s Cadillac takes us back the funky 70s for some backseat love.

Driven by the pulsing bassline, the song manages to be both upbeat and sensual at the same time by focusing on the pounding rhythms for most of the song, adding in the signature 70’s violins, horns, and waka-cha-waka for a nice effect.  The singer stays away from the autotune for the most part on this one and that decision really aids the sound on this song.  His more deadpan lead vocals are balanced out by his enthusiastic adlibs and coasting harmonies that make the vocals sound full without overdoing it.  The lyrical is accessible but not plain; it’s helped out by lines that portray the lovemaking session as a religious experience, elevating it from something that can be seen as a quickie to two people embarking on a journey to something amazing.

If there was one complaint that some people (not us) had about Miguel’s Wildheart album was the overall dark tone that most of the music had.  While the singer has never been fully R&B, his previous two albums and the bulk of his mixtapes have leaned towards the genre in lyrical construction and production style and had an underlying levity on even the most heartbreaking tracks.  It seems that he may have thought he strayed a little too far from form as well because Come Through And Chill and this latest track have him going back a little to that Kaleidoscope Dream mode.  It’s not so much a step backward as it is a different path forward.  An artist should never stop growing and trying new things, but it takes a special artist to step back and assess whether or not the audience is coming with them and make changes accordingly.  We’re interested to see where this goes.

The Get Down premiers on August 12.  No word on if the soundtrack will be available at the same time.