It’s been more than a year since we heard from Sinead Harnett.  By now we thought that she would have released an album, but this new EP is a nice appetizer while she’s working towards that goal.

Her new self-titled EP is short on tracks, but each flows into the next by creating a mood and a story that you might not things you would get in such a short amount of time.  Starting with the first track, you get the picture of a relationship as it moves from the initial stages of infatuation to deeper love to turmoil and, then, to loss.  This is added by some really strong lyrics that put forward a tale in plain terms that doesn’t leave the listener wondering what the songstress is talking about and leaves them room to feel how each track builds on the previous.  The production choices are good here as well, offering variety sounds that let the singer show off her pipes but with a cohesion that is needed for something this short not to feel like a hastily put together collection of singles.

The real selling point, however, is Harnett’s voice.  She is in full control of her instrument and knows how to put emotion into her tone without obscuring the theme or over/under singing.  There is also a sensuousness in her delivery that works to make this feel personal to her as opposed to singing about someone she made up or heard about.  It also contains a kind of jazzy warmth that would almost melts into the beatwork like a muted horn.

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