It’s Show Me The Money for the win!!

Microdot from season 4 of the show has been touring internationally, but has taken some time out to drop a pretty fire album.

What seems to be separating Microdot from the majority of k-rap (and mainstream U.S. rap) is his ability to have more than one mood portrayed through his project without causing a whiplash effect.  Yes; most of his album is going for lit, but there are a love song and a few autobiographical tracks that balance out the bragging with something that changes the pace without breaking the overall mood.  He’s going for trap but the spectrum ends up being a lot broader.

What the emcee also seems to understand is the how varying his flow keep things interesting.  There is only one moment where the listener might tune him out and enjoy the beat and that is due to a possible language barrier.  What he have available of his lyrics shows that he’s going for more than just sounding good; he wants to tell a story.  The fact that you can bounce to most of it just happens to be icing on the cake.

Add to that some solid production by the Illionaire crew and you have something that is a little more than the sum of its parts.

Our favorite tracks are I’m Yours, Hella Trill, and Auckland CityStill The Same would have also made this list, but extended spoken word narration that takes up the latter half of the track can throw you if you don’t speak Korean.

Sidenote: There are videos for Hella Trill, Auckland City, Wave, and Talkin Bout.  All but Talkin Bout have closed captioned, translated lyrics.

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