Rapper/singer love at first sound is giving us something a little different in construction when delivery his new album.  AUDRA has elements of different styles of hip-hop.  You will definitely hear a little Drake in his combo delivery (although his vocals are better than Drake’s, to be honest), but there is also some minimalism of content for effect and emotion, some harder rhymes for bragging right, and a little spoken word styling to get the point across.

His flow is interesting in that it feels like he is working with the production in a way that seems like it’s almost a duet.  Often, he lays down his verse and then he’s just silent to let the beat have its turn.  It’s a risky move as it leaves blank space for the listener to tune out, but he manages to make it work more often than not.

The cohesion of this album needs some work as the progression of it is a combination of his come-up as an artist and life in general, but I can see how songs join together thanks to the beatwork and the inclusion of phone messages from family the bookend certain segments of the project.  Lyrically some segments fall short as well, being more sound experiments that seem separate from the more lyrically heavy, but those sections are few and far between and add an atmospheric element that sets him apart from other rappers.

When it comes to hip-hop, there are a lot of thoughts about what represents the core of what the modern style is.  Is it lyricism, catchy hooks, sing-songy flow, solid bars, or backpacking rhymes?  love at first sound delivers something that is a combination of all these things for something that stands out and deserves some consideration.

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