This is not really a combination that we saw coming.  Not because we couldn’t imagine these artists working together; they have in the past and the outcome was usually good.  No, it’s because the thought of all of them on one track seemed like it might be a little much to handle.  And it almost is…almost.

When you realize that the whole point of this song is to get you out of your chair and moving, the frenetic energy of the production makes a lot more sense.  While the Primary beat almost overpowers the entire song due to its energy and stabbing synth, the rappers (and Crush) rise to the challenge.  The lyricism here is one that skirts the cultural line as the construction, at times, can feel a little off and some of the internal puns don’t make sense in English.  It still works as a complete track, though, and is one of those turn-up tunes that will wake you up in the morning, get you hype for that jog, or psych you up for the presentation.

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