miss A may be done for, but Fei is stepping things up a notch with her brand new solo single.

This track is one of those that you kind of have to listen to twice to really feel it.  The syncopated nature of the beginning of the song can throw the listener off as it transitions into a more traditional melodic stride.  It’s likely has something to do with the production have several rhythm points that occasionally echo over the vocals and make themselves obvious at odd points.  Once you hear the song all the way through, however, the second listen seems to clear up as your brain adjusts to nuances of the song.

Fei’s vocals are nice on this track, but there is a bit of a feeling that this song isn’t really meant for her vocal type.  It’s a little to light and doesn’t offer the seductive tones that you would expect from this.  She doesn’t sound awful by any means, but the song does come off as cutesy romance than “have your way with me” at times.

Sidenote: Fei is getting a lot of flack for the supposed sexiness of this video.  While she does have that steamy stare down and the song itself if very sexual, she seems a little awkward in her dance movements and, other than occasionally pointing to her lady parts, this isn’t that much more raunchy than any other Kpop video.  I guess people don’t like her showing off her bra…or something.

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