Tank is getting right to the point on his latest loosie.

His first new track since releasing Sex, Love & Pain II earlier this year, this song is simultaneously the singer bragging about his prowess and complementing his lady.  Stating that the only high that he needs to get stimulated by her is the one she naturally gives him, the singer goes on to compare the different feelings he gets making love to his woman to different types of highs.  From a sugar high to not needing Viagra, this song is simultaneously sexual and hilarious.  this is due entire to the writing of Tank, who penned the song himself.

The vocals are the best part of the track, with the veteran crooner being fully expressive and sounds fully engaged throughout.  The only real downside to the track is the production, which gets a little monotonous at times.  While we understand letting the singer shine and be the focal point of the track, there could have been a little more personality to the backtracking.  It doesn’t kill the song, though, and this is still worth a few listens.