After she dropped the very solid Walking Around Pools EP last year, we hoped that PJ wouldn’t lose her unique voice on the way to creating her debut under watchful eye of Atlantic Records.  Apparently the singer had no intention of letting that happen because she seems specifically address her own story and with the exceeding exceptional Rare.

So much of what made Walking Around Pools enjoyable is here; the eclectic combination of production styles that still manage to have a hip-hop/R&B undertone to them, the songstress’ sweetheart voice with it’s slightly rough edges, and honesty mixed with youthful vernacular for a wiser-for-her-age lyrical formation.  What seems different is that, one, there is a storyline of the singer’s development as an artist and a person here and, two, it feels a lot more cohesive this time around.  Nothing is monotonous but everything joins in what feels like a more natural progression than her first outing.

We highly recommend at least a listen to anyone who is looking for something that is beyond the average radio play but doesn’t have the pretentiousness of “trying” to be different.  It truly is a combination that is rare.

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