Tank is taking is back to basics with the release of his latest album, Sex, Love & Pain 2.

While he has a nice mix of tracks that offer the smooth R&B sound that we have come to know him for, there are still several tracks that dip their toe in the trap end of the spectrum without leaving that R&B core.  A lot of people forget that Tank’s first single was Freaky, a hip-hop and low-tone rock driven single that featured R&B vocals (and was a little too ahead of its time to make the impact it should have), so the styles that he brings to this set is really who he has always been.  He manages to keep his R&B core while making the songs modern enough to reach a younger audience.  This is the definition of grown & sexy and the type of R&B that is need to keep the genre humming.

There’s a little something for everybody here.  For longtime fans who are more into tracks like Maybe I Deserve, don’t worry; there is plenty here for you to be satisfied with but we think you’ll really be into Already In Love and Him Her Them.  They’re solid tracks and provide a grounding for the R&B purist.  For fans of tracks like Shots Fired, you get tracks like Bday and She Wit The S*** that give you more a turnup feel and provide some solid features.  And those who love songs like SLP2 and F***** Wit Me that marry the two and get down and dirty with the sex.

Sex, Love & Pain 2 is available for purchase from all digital outlets today.