Jeremih just turned 29 and, like he did a few years ago with his and Shlomo’s No More, the singer has decided to give a gift to fans in the forms of a freelease.

Continuing an unintentional theme that arose through the naming of a mixtape and an album, the birthday boy continues the Late Nights series by adding Europe, inspired by his recent overseas tour.  The tracks take their names from cities that he visited on his trek and, likely, the city the song was written.  Because this was done by a single man going from city to city with groupies galore at his beckon call, you can guess that there’s isn’t going to be anything romantic or aspirational about this set, but that isn’t a problem.  This mixtape knows what it is and does not seek to confuse the issue.  As such, a lot of the track are late night party playlist worthy as you are ready to transition from the fun to the freaky vibe.

If you are a fan of the singer’s early work, you might not enjoy this as much as others.  While you can hear the evolution songs like Birthday Sex and Rosa Acosta in the tracks included, this is far more trap than many of his other offerings.  Not that there aren’t song’s that that will appeal to you as well, but this is far less lyrically subtle (yes; we mean that) than anything before N.O.M.A.  Jeremih’s vocals are what they have always been, so that means if you never found his style of singing/kinda-rapping intriguing, you probably should stay away.  The production is pretty solid and probably the most consistently good thing about the set; offering enough style diversity to keep the listener interested despite the overarching dark tone throughout.

Basically, if you’ve liked anything by Jeremih since 2012, you won’t be disappointed here; in fact, you’ll probably be pretty pleased.  We advise everyone else to take a listen first and decide for themselves.

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