When you love someone and do a lot for them, it can be a bit of a bother when they complain about the hours you work.  Jay Sean and Ray J. feel you and have written a song about it.

First, the upsides.  The production on the track sets the mood as something that is meant to be take this as something possibly romantic but an expression of true feelings from the first few notes.  The vocals are good, though Jay Sean does a little better with the emoting than Ray J. does, and you feel like they are getting into some long-held truths they’ve been holding back.  The lyrics for the first half of the track are also pretty good, as they explain that they are working hard to provide a good life for the two of them but they still try their best to provide emotional support.

The downside of the track is the chorus which, after the duo relate some real feelings about making their significant others understand that the lifestyle they live doesn’t come for free, they mess it up by declaring that the complaining should stop or they will walk away.  And that’s not necessarily a bad sentiment; no one should be with someone who doesn’t appreciate them.  But the way that it’s phrased makes it seem like this woman doesn’t mean much more than being a bed warmer.  That makes what started of sounding like a frank conversation sound more like a threat, which kills the vibe the song previously had.

The song also seems to just stop, like there wasn’t a good ending planned and they just cut off the recording.  The combination of all this makes it a song that can be worth a listen but feels like it needs to be rewritten or re-edited.