Marsha Ambrosius has one of those voices that you don’t realize that you miss until you don’t hear it for a while and them…boom.  Her latest visual is for a reggae remake that the singer successfully turns into an almost-soul (or reggae-lite) track with her soulful sounds.  The production retains most of the reggae influences of the original, but the minute switches that are there make it fit her voice that much better.

About explaining that feeling of being in love to the person you love in the hopes that they feel the same, the atmosphere of this track is chill and romantic without being boring or overly sexual; something perfect for a summer day with your special someone.

It’s been almost two years since Ambrosius brought us Friends & Lovers, so it makes sense that she would start putting herself out there again in new tracks.  While this one is featured on the We Remember Dennis Brown, a double-disc tribute album to the reggae legend, a little birdy says there could be more on the way.