Ginette Claudette is one of the few cover artists that understand that the point of doing one is not only to pay homage to the original but to also bring out something different in the song that people may not have heard before.

Her latest, a take on Rihanna’s Need Me, does just by that by changing the tone of the track.  The production and vocal performance of the original comes from a place of making the man in question understand that the night between the two was nothing more than a hit and run; the new August Rigo production and Claudette’s vocals make it seem like this is someone who is regretful of the way they have treated another.  Claudette’s version sounds like she realizes that the man she’s talking about was reaching out love and she slapped his hand away.  The mood becomes that of someone who may sorry about the aftermath of that decision, which feels a little tragic.

The somber mood of the cover also changes the way that you might want to listen to it, as the Rihanna version was more of a club track, but it’s definitely worth a few listens.