We gon’ be quotin’ Friday forever, ain’t we?

Over a well done production by Yonni, Brooke Valentine goes in on the lame that she’s ready to be done with.

Working with the trap&B for this one, the songstress shows how much she has grown as an artist through her lyrics and vocals.  Stylistically modern, the singer phrases things in a way that makes them relatable to a younger and wider audience, but she also brings in the solid performance that will keep longtime fans on the hook.  She balances the trap and R&B modes well and uses her natural tone in a way that other artists have not quite been able to make work.

At the end, Yonni comes in and cuts the singer off so she can save the rest for her album.  We’re looking forward to the follow-through on this one.  We’ve watch as the singer has grown from a cocky teenage with Girl Fight, to a sex kitten with D-Girl, to a responsible mom in a relationship in Love Letters, and now we are seeing a woman scorned and done with a bad relationship with this and Grow Up.  This looking like it’s going to be an interesting era for her.

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