Last year, the Wonder Girls rebooted as a four-member band and that album was fiery eighties fun to close out summer.  This year, the ladies are cooling of the beginning of the season with a reggae-lite sound.

Upset that their lover’s inability to do what is required to make things work between them, the ladies ask the question most people do at this point, “Why am I so lonely if you’re here?”

Despite the mid-tempo nature of the track, there is energy throughout and the ladies make it work as a slow burn track.  Still playing the instruments themselves, the reason we call this reggae-lite is that the kpop overtones are still pretty strong in places like the chorus.  They don’t overtly try to imitate the Caribbean accents with their vocals (a smart move), but they do a good job of riding the reggae beat and making the right intonations, especially in the harmonies.  The lyrics are solid and relatable, showing that the ladies are improving in that area as well.

The visual has the ladies abusing a mannequin to relieve their tension…or doing stuff to a mannequin they couldn’t do to a real person in a video.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.