Last week, when Usher released his track No Limit, he also released another single entitled Crash.  We didn’t post on that one because…well…there was nothing to say about it.  It reminded us of a lot of the tracks from his Searching 4 Myself album, solid lyrics and vocalism but the production is just kind of generic.  Now he has released a video for the track and, we have to say, it does make the song go down a little easier.

Featuring the singer dancing on an empty set (save for the projections behind him), he shows that he hasn’t lost the fluidity and grace of movement that has made him such a strong performer.  It also really causes the listener to focus in on what he’s saying, which is a lovely song about depending on someone to keep you balanced in this world.  What kills the vibe is the production, which just doesn’t seem to do anything more than exist.  This video is worth a few watches and will get the song more play, but we hope there is better coming from Flawed.

Usher’s upcoming album is still expected to be released in July and, based on precedent, will likely be a TIDAL exclusive for at least a day.