I have to say I was skeptical about an Usher/Young Thug collaboration, but this isn’t bad.

While you could make the argument that Usher might be getting a little too high in status to do songs like this, but he makes it work.  His vocals, while going for a trap delivery, are still strong and and “Usher” enough to make his fans appreciate a slight update in sound.  Young Thug also does a fairly good job on his verse.  It stays primarily on topic and this probably the easiest he’s been for the average listener for a while.

The fun part of the song is that the chorus pays homage to Master P and the peak of the No Limit era.  While this was probably not the best choice for a buzz track as it doesn’t stick with you too long after listening, it is one of the better tracks the singer has put out since She Came To Give It To You (Chains being the best).

Usher’s upcoming album, Flawed, is expected to drop sometime this July.