SG Lewis has some feelings for his lady, but he isn’t entirely sure that he’s ready to make himself that vulnerable.  Holding Back expresses that very real feeling that so many people have when they are unsure if the person they’re interested in feels the same and are unwilling to make the first move.

The lyrics of this track are well crafted, telling the story of the situation in a way that is relatable but isn’t so trite that it’s dull for the listener.  The funky production has a bright and danceable feel to it, but there is also some gravity to that makes it work with the overall theme of the song.

What really sells this, though, are the vocals.  Gallant does a guest feature here and he does a great job without overshadowing the main artist.  Not that SG Lewis needed him to hold back; his tone is soulful and strong.  Together the two mesh well and it can sometime be hard to tell which one of them is taking the lead and which one is doing the adlibbing.  It’s the kind of track that doesn’t overstay its welcome, but can also feel to short thanks when you’re really feeling it.

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