If you haven’t checked out Lion Babe’s debut album, Begin, or even their self-titled EP, maybe their upcoming freelease will spur your interest.

Sun Joint is supposed to be the embodiment of summer fun in musical form and if the first track, Endless Summer, is any indication, it will be.

The first song from the upcoming 11-track album, the song has a bit of a calypso feel to it with its syncopated hand claps and Spanish guitar.  Jillian Hervey’s vocals blast out loud and clear, but she never overpowers the relaxed mood of the song and, in fact, adds to the upbeat atmosphere with her bright tone.

What’s interesting about the track is that the lyrics of the track have a slightly heavier meaning than the feel-good atmosphere might denote.  While not a downer by any stretch, the meaning of the track seems to be about letting go of all the bad things that have happened to you in the past in order to embrace something new and warm (whether it be in love or life in general).  It’s a good message over a earworm track, something that you don’t see to often, and we love it.

Sun Joint is due out June 21.  Click the arrow in the player to download this track for free.