It’s been a minute since we heard from Masspike Miles, but it’s never too late for good music.

Starting off with an extended sample of Brownstone’s If You Love Me as an intro, the singer’s new track, Do It, the singer tells the woman he wants that he’s willing to give her whatever she needs to make her feel loved.  All she has to do is let go of the man who did her wrong before.

This falls in line with a lot of Miles previous work, but there is something more refined in the production (likely due to the experience hand of !llmind) that makes it feel a little cleaner and crisper.  Despite that improvement, though, Miles’ voice is the attraction of this song as you feel his determination to prove to this woman that he would be worth taking the risk over.  He never promises (lyrically) that this will lead to anything deeper, but his convicted tone sure as hell makes it seem like even one night with him will be the night of your life.

No word on whether this signals a new project from the crooner or not, but we can only hope it does as the game has missing his voice.