Following up on his very good remix to Rihanna’s Sex With Me, Eric Bellinger has now remixed Kent Jones’ Don’t Mind and the effect is very different.  While Sex With Me pretty much maintained the feel of the original track thanks to the unofficial duet, this very changes the genre of the track thanks to the switch in vocal delivery and minute changes to the production.

First, this is not an exact cover.  While the choruses are exactly the same, there are changes to the lyrics on the first verse and an almost complete change to the second verse that make Bellinger’s version a little more romantic than the original.  It also makes it a little more personal.

On the production front, while both use Barry White’s Practice What You Preach as a base, the Kent Jones track has more snare in its drumset than the Bellinger version.  The Kent version is also obviously dancehall and the Bellinger version is more R&B.  This change is good choice for the E-mix as Bellinger doesn’t quite have the ability to pull of a full dancehall delivery without it sounding like a mad imitation.  Sticking with his strength not only lets the listener enjoy both versions for their differences, it shows just how a song can change in different hands.

Click the arrow in the player to download this track for free.  If you haven’t heard the original, check it out here.