It seems Manny X’s lady love is either talking about leaving him or has flat out told him she is, but he’s not letting that stand in the way of expressing his love for her.  He lets her know that will always be a place for her in his life in his new track.

Vocally this song is almost all hit, but there are a few places where the singer seems to lose tone when trying to go for an adlib.   Luckily, it’s so quick that it doesn’t effect the song’s progression too much.  The lyrics are straightforward but get to an emotional nub that creates an underlying feel of something deeper going on.  The production is the clincher for this as it starts off as a ballad (that we initially thought sampled Take A Look At Me Now, but doesn’t) and seamlessly transitions into a bit of a mid-tempo banger by the chorus with just a touch of adult language to bring the point home.

If you’re not into Manny X or don’t know his work yet, this is the track to introduce you to him.  It’s fun and has the ability to connect to a wider audience, but it also has the touch of personality that is very much is own.