Singer Guordan Banks has given us two good tracks on a somewhat slow music day.

The first is uses a sample of Deborah Cox’s We Can’t Be Friends to speak about a similar situation to the original, a couple that has broken up but can’t quite seem to let go of each other.  What differs from the original is the reason for the holding on.  While Banks indicates that he still has deep feelings for the woman in question, she seems to only come around when she needs a little loving and his a familiar source (which he doesn’t care for).

Banks does a good job of repurposing the sample and some of the lyrics for the original into a more up-tempo track.  His vocals are solid and he manages to take what was a strong duet and keeping things interesting on his own.  The production is pretty good, even as it seems to veer off from its more R&B core in the beginning and slowly transition into a more pop/EDM track towards the end.

The second track features rapper Dej Loaf and has some knock to it.  Using Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me as a base for the lyrical melody, the duo talk about the anticipation of getting to see each other and all the things (and places) they can go at it once they do.

The lyrics are pretty par for the course for a song like this, so you know what to expect.  The vocals are pretty average as well, as there seems to be less of an emphasis on the performance so that the listener can enjoy the beat.  And the production is strong; it has its own personality and switches up in nice ways, making it something you would want to listen to even without the artists.  This will likely not be a track with longevity, but it is fun and is worth a few listens.

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