Written and produced by Rap Monster, this loosie BTS track is one of those things that fans live for; something special that shows off how some of the members have grown.  We give kudos to him as he takes control of every aspect of the track and shows both a softer side and a greater range of talent than most of us where aware of.

If there is one downside to this track it’s that the English lyrics might be a little off for the song’s meaning.  We say “might” because we haven’t been able to get a full translation yet.  Still, the general gist of the track is that Rap Mosnter and Jungkook are reaching out and sharing their feelings with someone that they feel need to know because of how important they are to them.

Lyrical issues aside, this shows a different side of Rap Monster, who did the lyrical work for his mixtape, but didn’t dip too much into the production side.  The gentleness of the beatwork is offset by enough energy to keep this from being a snoozer, but still keeps a core sweetness.  The vocals are strong as well, with the rapper letting himself do a little singing as lead (instead of just background) as Jungkook balances him out in tone and adlibs.  The result is a still slightly unfinished sounding, but still good track that will have their fans swooning and screaming at the top of their lungs should they decide to perform it live.

We’ll get translated lyrics for you as soon as possible.