We love it when something like this comes out of nowhere.

There is an epic feel to A+A’s Kansas that just kind of hits you out of the blue thanks to the simple but strong production choice and well done vocals.  The production in particular, with its strong piano ballad start that adds in pounding drums before finishing up with a little electric guitar really give it the “building to something” feel that works so well.  And while we don’t know which one of the duo is doing the lead vocals, his pained (in a good way) delivery gives you that aching and searching for something feel that works well with the theme.

The poetic lyrical construction might have more casual listeners a little lost for the meaning, but we think this song is about seeking freedom where you can find it instead but not being deluded by the peace that you may find when you get where you’re going.  It’s the kind of song that has something to say, but trying to beat you over the head with meaning.  We like songs like that.

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