This submission is an odd one as it comes from the producer of the track instead of the artist and so the metric that we’re measuring it on is a little different than normal.  While we’re going to judge the song as a whole, we’re going to really focus in on the production.

Michelin Shin is dropping off another solid production that really makes the song.  They way that the melody pulses in and out adds dimension to the track that would have otherwise not been there.  It has an overall dark tone but there is something there that seems bright and adds energy.

As for the entirety of the track, the overuse of autotune is a killer on this one.  While the production has its artificial elements, it still has an organic motion that balances it out.  With both Miller and Teez using autotune in an indiscreet way, it makes the song lack some of the connection elements.  The lyrics aren’t really anything to write home about either, but they do get their point across.  It’s worth a few listens but probably won’t top anyone’s playlist.