London-based singer Nao is currently putting the finishing touches on her debut album and we couldn’t let the opportunity pass without introducing her to our audience.

While she’s only been active since 2014, she hasn’t been going about her career by half measures.  She’s released two EPs of solid tracks that showcase her style that can be described as a mixture of electronica, jazz, and R&B.  It also showcases the highlight of her music–her voice.

Her vocals are unique in that they are high-pitched without being weak (a rarity with just how high her voice is).  If you’re hearing her for the first time, it can be a little jarring against the deeper tones of the productions she tends to choose, but you get used to it and enjoy the crispness of her sound.

Her latest single, Girlfriend, initially sounds like a love song to from someone who thinks that she and the person in question would make an incredible couple, but digging down into the lyrics makes you realize that she is actually talking about her low self-esteem when it comes to her own looks and that she’s actually asking anyone she starts a relationship with that he may have to love her until she can love herself.  It’s an interesting position to put someone in and an interesting tact to take on a song.  It is a kind of vulnerability in music that seemed to be lost for a while but appears to be making a comeback.

Click one of the buttons below the player to purchase the single and/or preorder the album.  For All We Know will be released July 29.

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