People who have been coming here for a while will have noticed a major change in the last six months…that we started posting every other day instead of 5-6 days a week.  There are two reasons:

  1. This is still a non-monetized blog, so we have day jobs and we sometimes get tired or don’t have time to listen to everything.  We’d rather make quality reviews than to half-ass it for the sake of just putting up content.
  2. I (Kel) have been having weird, intermittent computer issues since upgrading to Windows 10 that occasionally makes my sound card go out.  That means I can’t listen to tracks and approve final posts.

While the first will be an issue, the later will be fixed over the next few days.  My computer will be rebuilt and all the software will be upgraded and, hopefully, will fix the problems.

In the meantime, take a look around, visit our SoundCloud and Audiomack pages (and subscribe) and see what you might have missed.  We’ll be back Monday with all new posts for you to enjoy.


The Management (Kel)