Last time we posted on Xia, he gave us the high-minded epicness of Flower.  This time around he wants to bring that ceiling down.

A lot more dance friendly than his last major single, there is no doubt that Xia is a versatile performer.  The tone of his vocals has not changed, but he has knows what kind of production works best with his kind of voice.  The pop production is amped, but it’s not so over the top that the combination of it and his performance are too much for the ears.  The lyrics tread a little into the more high concept lyrics we’ve seen from him before, but he keeps it pretty relatable and grounded for the most part.  The biggest thing is that small sections of the lyrics depart from the main theme of Xia feeling himself and focus on a woman getting it on the floor (although the two could be related if Xia is the one making her dance; hard to tell from the construction).

The addition Quiett is a good move as well as does a great job on his verse and manages to keep it on theme.  His more subdued energy is also a nice match for the more minimal section of the track.

The video is pretty simple and primarily showcases the singer giving some high-energy moves with a cadre of backup dancers.  But if you’re getting Death Note vibes from this, you’re not crazy.  Xia played L in the Korean musical based on the anime/manga series.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.