Donell Jones is one of those Rorschach test artists for R&B fans; your knowledge of his personal discography and the songs written for other artists tends to be a an indication of just how into the genre you are.  Now that he’s back with his first single since 2013, it’ll be interesting to see what fans think of his evolution.

The best thing, at least to us, is that this song isn’t that far away from Jones’ previous music in that you can tell that he wrote it and it fits in his personal style, but it has been updated to entice new listeners who may be unfamiliar with him.  The inclusion of David Banner is a nice touch and adds a lot of energy to the track right off the bat and provides a nice platform for the singer to come in with his smoother tone.

And his vocals are top notch.  While the likely temptation for the singer was to go more trap with his delivery, he knows his strengths and plays to them well.  Jones has always been more about the love song than the sex song, even when he goes for a song that is supposed to play more the sexual aspects, but he finds a happy medium between the mental and physical aspects of a relationship in his lyrics that a lot of people like and look for in a partner.  The effect is a song that is enjoyable by a wide range for listeners.

No word as to whether this going to be a one-off track or the first single to an upcoming album.  The single is currently available for purchase from all digital outlets.