Regret can be a bitch.

Sampling SWV’s You’re The One For Me, the Verse Simmonds tells a woman that he ended a relationship with that, after seeing her on the street by chance, all those old feelings have come flooding back.  The downside for him is that, after realizing that she has moved on to a new man and he has spent their time apart bedding every woman he could (that’s the reason they ended things in the first place),  he realizes that he wouldn’t be a good fit for her life.

The best thing about the song is the lyrics which play with the expectation of the title.  You go into the song expecting the crooner to tell the woman in question that he would treat her better than any other man on the planet and that it would be in her best interest to be with him.  And the course that the lyrics take of him realizing that he has made a mistake and that it’s too late to take it back feels organic to the way any person thinks when they are confronted with a situation like this.  It reminded us of Ne-Yo’s Do You, except the man doesn’t actually reach out to make contact.

On the vocal side, Simmonds balances a sing-song wrap style with more traditional singing to great effect.  The coming together of the two styles plays out like an inner monologue verses a realization.  The production is somewhat minimalist as the it relies more the concussive beat than the melody for a good part of the song; so much so that the melody is actually relegated to the background and melds with the SWV sample in a satisfying way.  It’s a sleeper hit of a song and probably the best ones from the current set of releases.

This is the third single from Simmonds’ upcoming “summer” LP, To All The Girls, which is meant to tell some hard truths about modern relationships.  No word as to whether this will be an streaming exclusive, freelease, or pay release.