It’s another beat tape!

The Quiett returns with a solid project full of banging instrumentals that are just aching to have someone spit (or sing if it’s the right person) over them.  While there are a few rappers like Okasian and Notorious Kid putting in the odd verse, the bulk of this is just pure beat and it’s great.  Considering the fact that Illionaire has become known primarily for it’s trap and more hardcore hip-hop stylings, the more mellow mood of this project might throw some fans.  But if you’re able to separate The Quiett from his friend and business partner, Dok2, you can see that this is a reflection of the CEO/rapper’s personal style.

If you’re into Soulection, you’ll be into this.

While you have to click the shopping cart in the player to purchase Q Train 2, you can get Road to Q Train 2 for free by clicking the button below the player.

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