While 2016 just continues to kick our asses with how many legends it has decided to take from us, we honor the most recent, Billy Paul.

Best known for his song Me and Mrs. Jones, Paul had a career that spanned twenty years and, despite what you might think from his biggest hit, was very politically active.  He had a history of activism and being outspoken about his blackness that made his follow-up singles less marketable to a wider audience.  He also had no qualms about calling out people like Jesse Jackson for being shady with his support for black artists who wouldn’t perform at his rallies for free.  He was a man of integrity and a strong point of view about himself who satisfied his goals with his music and that can never be diminished.

So enjoy the singer performing his classic track on a the Soul Train stage because…it’s Billy Paul on Soul Train; you don’t need more than that.