Fantasia released her latest single So Blue and it’s not terrible but it’s not what, I suspect, many Fantasia fans are exactly looking for from her.  Fantasia has the Whitney effect on the urban community; we fell in love with her, look forward to new music from her and, even when she releases a record like So Blue, we’re simply happy she’s making music.  My issue with the So Blue record is the heavy production and lack of lyrical depth; something I take very seriously when it comes to reviewing records.

The thing I do like about this record is where, at the end, she speaks to the listener about the track, which I feel should’ve been in the middle of the record and not at the end.  Fantasia is one of those unique artists that has the vocals, the style, the personality and the life story that results in an everlasting, loving connection with her audience.  When it comes to So Blue, it’s clear that Fantasia and her team are having a difficult time coming up with a sound for her.  That’s unfortunate because it’s evident, at least to me, what her sound should be. Fantasia sound should be a melding of blues with modern R&B, for example Brandy’s Beggin & Pleadin, while not taking anything away from the Brandy’s excellent performance and its supporting video, is exactly the type of sound/record Fantasia should be releasing with a little story to the listener about the record like in the olden days.  Fantasia is the only artist that I think can bring back the soulful blues and mesh it with contemporary R&B/blues.  This is the sound that encompasses everything that is Fantasia.  I don’t strongly dislike the song; my disappointment is that I don’t strongly like it.  I don’t see how the record nor the sound of So Blue gets Fantasia to where she needs to be.  An artist so special should be releasing music that is such as well.


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