Saint Louis native (shout out) Mai Lee is tired of her man and is letting him know that he ain’t slick.

Over a pulsing club beat with some deceptively bright spots in the melody, she calls him and his sidechick out while plotting her revenge.  This song does have that sassy/fun edge that will get it play and the production has enough interesting points to standout from the trap/pop pack.  Lee’s vocals are autotuned but not distractingly so and, if you’ve heard her track Fitness, you know she doesn’t need it.

The really interesting thing about this song is that she moves through her grief and anger to about being used and mistreated to, at the end, decided that she’s too fine to wait around.  So many songs in this vein focus on the immediate space and time after the cheating is found out, that we don’t get to see the wronged party’s ultimate decisions.  And it is done on such a way that it feels authentic with her still being angry but deciding to move on.  It’s a lyrical shift that’s hard to pull of this gradually but this convincingly.

A good track for a fun night or just wanting to listen.