We’ve posted a few tracks from Mickey Blue and the only one that ended up on the EP is We Just Be, but we ain’t mad.

In his laidback style but with a nice variation of productions to keep things moving, the singer drops his debut EP and it’s a nice taste of what he’s about.  About love and just wanting to be with the one he loves in as many ways as she would allow, this is a mood setter and mood enhancer.  The deep and rich tone of his voice is like a sensuous wave that washes over you and entreats you just let him love you.

The lyrics work to great effect here as well; creating a real feeling of connection between him and the lady in question.  He’s never asking her for or giving her anything outlandish or extravagant.  He convey the constant feeling of a strong yet achievable for all relationship that is rooted in something real.

Interestingly enough, in our time listening to his music, we discovered something new about him today.  Other than a few instances where he layers for a richer tone, Mickey Blue appears to be riding almost completely solo on the vocals.  There are almost no harmonies and very few backing vocals (and only one instance where we were unclear as to whether it was him or not).  This takes a lot of guts to do and even more talent to pull off in a way that manages to be interesting and engage the listener.  These feel like songs that are meant to be performed live and to flow from one to another to let the singer show of his ability.  Definitely worth checking out.

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