Now completely spelling out his former moniker (BOY/FRIEND), BOYSLASHFRIEND returns to us after a bit of a hiatus with a brand new album.

Low Key is exactly how you would describe the tracks in the project.  Not that there aren’t songs to get you on the dancefloor, but everything here is understated and meant to get you listening without overpowering you with hard sounds and vocal effects.  And while the singer has a somewhat limited range, he uses what he has effectively.  At first, we thought there was something wrong with Off That until we realized that the slightly off sound went well with the theme of the track.  He adds a little extra gentleness when he needs to keeps the energy up throughout.

The lyrics on the project range from good to solid as some are simply meant to be sounds over the danceable beats and others are meant to tell a story about the different relationships he’s talking about.  The production is solid all the way through and have some nice flavors to vary things up that features MeLo-X and MNTN.

Our favorite track on the project has to be Not Me Not Now simply for the reason that the hype lyrics made us laugh.  Close contenders are BTWN and the title track, Low Key.

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